The power of threes: 

Along with my interest in the visual arts, I have long been fascinated with word play and puzzles. So this year, my new sculptural still lifes will be inspired as much by context as autobiography. Stemming first from the simple idea of “breakfast, lunch, and dinner,” the pieces will be grouped in threes, sometimes for obvious reasons, and at other times for reasons known only to me. Here’s a sample:

“Macaron, Macaroon, Macaroni.”

Mac mac mac

It does me no credit to admit that this threesome was inspired purely by my impatience with the many individuals who, upon viewing my glass macarons, would exclaim, “oh look at the macarOONS!” Since both good manners and the “customer is always right” rule prevented me from correcting these folks, I was driven to provide an example that would make the correction for me. Hopefully, no one’s feelings will be hurt. 

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